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About 9ja Topdeals

9ja Topdeals or Nigerian Topdeals if you would like to go all the way, was founded by Ogo, an enthusiastic web developer.

Her idea is simple. Most people love fashion. Even if you want to argue that you don't, you still buy clothes and shoes and jewellery right? Right.

The richest persons still get mildly excited when they are offered a deal. Right? Right again.

Why spend time combing and travelling the web, searching for deals when you can find them all in one one place from various sellers.

9ja Topdeals was developed to allow Nigerian fashion retailers list their products on sale in less than 3 minutes. You can even time yourself.

You know the best part, listing your products is free. Can you believe that? And you can reach more customers too. It is a win-win opportunity.

Fashionistas and regular folks looking to get their next fashion product can now quickly find what they want.

Initially when we first started back in 2015, 9ja Topdeals only focused on female dresses but now, we have decided to include men as well as other fashion items.

Then too, we curated the dresses ourseleves but found that it was a bit to limiting. So we have opened our doors to all Nigerian fashion retailers. Simply register with us and start listing. No limits.