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Online Shopping and Refund Policies in Nigeria

Posted on Jan 9, 2016

When you buy something online, whether it is a necessity or impulsive, you expect to get your money’s worth. No one wants to shell out some naira only to find out that the item or service did not meet the seller’s description. Sometimes, it might not even be the seller’s fault; the item could be damaged while on transit or you might even change your mind about getting it. The bottom line is that at the end, when you do not end up with the item you ordered you expect to get your money back.

Most times we expect the refund process to go like this:
Buyer: Hey you seller, I am not happy with the item I ordered.
Seller: Oh really, I am so sorry to hear that. Here, I will send back your money into your account in 5 minutes or less.
Buyer: That is mighty kind of you. Thank you.
Seller: Oh no, thank you.

In reality, this will probably not happen except you purchased the item from a physical store and returned it yourself. However, there are some rules that will determine if you will ever get back a refund.

The Item Itself

  1. There are some items that cannot be returned. Some of them are creams/lotions, earrings, some types of electronics, underwear, food etc. Items like these cannot be resold because of their very nature. They could have been infected by you the buyer. Getting a refund on an item like that will be quite difficult if not impossible except if it is faulty.
  2. Some stores will not accept a refund on discounted items. I think I should mention here that if you find a dress on our website, there is a probability that if you decide to return it, the sellers might not give you a refund.

    Generally, you will be asked to return an item in their original condition and unused. Some stores might have other regulations that you have to abide by.

The Process

If you want to get the money sooner, then having it in an account with the seller to be used for a later purchase will do just that. But if you want your money back, then that will take longer. Remember that the company that delivered the item to you will have to send it back to the seller. Then the seller will check to make sure that the product is not faulty. When they are satisfied, they will then initiate the process of sending the money back into your account.


Bear in mind that online shopping in Nigeria is a growing trend. At the moment, we do not possess all the facilities and infrastructures that others have. We will get there but in the mean time:

  1. Use the pay on delivery method. It is way easier for you to refuse an item when money hasn’t exchanged hands.
  2. Read the refund policies of any store that you are using so as to avoid any surprises.
  3. Be patient. Businesses do not set out to ruin their reputation. They are most likely going to give you back your money but it might not be as soon as you would like. It is annoying but that is how it is sometimes.
  4. If all else fail, put it down to experience. You can avoid shopping with that particular store or still use them but opt for the payment method that will reduce anxiety; payment on delivery.

I saw this article from January, you might find it quite interesting. It is an interview of one Gloria Elemo, the DG for Federal Institute of Industrial Research.

Did you find this article useful? What has been your experience in trying to get your money back? Share with us below.

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