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7 Ways To Wear Your Midi Dress

Posted on Jan 9, 2016

Although fashion is a personal thing and it is to you what you think it is, some things just look straight up ugly when you get them wrong. We have found some pretty midi dresses on sale from top Nigerian online retailers and thought it would be beneficial to our readers to write a how-to guide on the best ways to rock your midi dresses like a fashion princess. We have also included short tips on how to buy them online.

What Is Midi In Fashion

This is basically the length of clothing that stops at the middle of the calf, not slightly above or under. Anyway that is technically what a midi is but generally, when a piece of clothing ends after the knees and before the ankles, it is called a midi. This length is what you will mostly see. You can have a midi anything; dress, skirts and trousers. You can even have midi wrappers. If you insist on wearing a true midi, then there is a chance that the dress you just bought will have to visit the tailor’s scissors.

The calf is one sensitive area of the body. If you have huge ones, you wouldn’t want to draw people’s attention to it. However wearing the right shoes and the proper length for your height and body type can make a lot of difference.

How To Choose A Midi Dress

  1. Your height is important in deciding how midi your dress should be. For you taller sisters, check for the specifications of the dress that you want because you wouldn’t want to end up with one that is too short to pull off the midi look. For us smaller women, getting a midi dress that is too long for us is not a problem because we can always have them altered to perfection.
  2. If your calf is big, then your midi should cover them, having them cover your calf will not attract anyone’s attention and you can still wear your dress confidently.
  3. For the classy look, high heels give the impression that you are taller because they elongate your legs which is very good for both tall and small women because midis tend to cut your legs in half and make you look shorter. Even if you hate high heels, you can go for a wedge to give you balance or shoes with small heels.For a more casual appearance, a free flowing midi dress, sleeveless or strapless can work well with nice flat sandals or slippers.
  4. You can use a belt to define your waistline. This is needed if the midi is voluminous from waist down.
  5. Your accessories should be simple.
  6. When choosing colours, pick the one that will suit and flatter your size: Dark and solid coloured fabric will make you look trim unlike lighter and prints fabric. I can imagine that you can always pull off the perfect midi look with a mix of solid and prints.
  7. If you are going to wear a jacket, then you don’t want it to be long. You should make it waist length.
Source: Zina Charkoplia of Fashionvibe

Source: Zina Charkoplia of Fashionvibe

If you are looking to buy a midi dress, you should check our midi dresses category. You will definitely see the one that is perfect for you and you can choose between different types of midis. At 9ja Topdeals, we aim to make online shopping for Nigerians as easy as possible.
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Source for the first model:Trend Kid

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