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5 Guidelines For Buying Dresses From A Nigerian Online Retailer

Posted on Jan 9, 2016

So you have never bought a dress online because you are scared that the dress might not be a perfect fit, might look way different than it did on the website and on the dummy, or worse case scenario, might not even arrive. You are not alone in this. There are fraudsters all over the place looking for how to steal your hard earned money but these simple tips should reduce your anxiety and set you well on your way to loving the comfort of buying online.
You realise that buying online reduces a lot of shopping hassles right?

  • You have so many options to choose from, I mean thousands.
  • You can buy any item of your choice just by clicking on a button, it is very easy.
  • Paying is even much easier in Nigeria because you can either pay online or on delivery. If you are not comfortable paying online because of the fears discussed above, then you are covered because we will deal with all that in this article.

Now to what you should look out for before buying a dress online.

  1. Know your measurement. This is very important except you intentionally want to get a size or two bigger then have a tailor alter it to suit you. You should also make further considerations if you are busty, and/or have large hips. Let’s say you are a size 8 (UK) and on the busty side, a regular size 8 dress might be small for you around the chest. You can go for a size 10 or stick with your 8 if the dress is stretchy.It is advisable to get a professional tailor to give you your right measurements. If for some reason, you think that you have added some weight, go for another measurement. Doing so will cut out a lot of problems.

    Your bra size is also important. Wearing the wrong bra can affect your measurement and eventually the fitting of your dress. You want to wear the one that fits you so that your tailor will get your correct measurements.

  2. You should already know what you want to buy unless you are window shopping. If you know what you want let’s say a party dress for example, it will prevent you from getting distracted, save you time and money too.
  3. Buy from reputable sources. This is going to be tricky but you wouldn’t worry if you are paying on delivery. For others:
    • You want to shop with popular online stores or those your friends have used. This is not particularly fair on new comers. But you can look at review websites to see what people have to say about the shop that you are interested in. If I want you to spend your money on an item I am selling I will want you to trust me and will want to retain you as a customer. In order to achieve this, I will spend some time to ensure that my website is not crappy, I will have plenty contact information; phone numbers, social media accounts, physical office address etc. If I was a company, I will write my company’s registration number on every bit of correspondence you will get and on my website. It is not enough to add Limited to your business name.
      If a seller has a reputation for not delivering items bought, you can bet your last naira that word will go round. People will start talking. So take some time to read about a new business that you want to leave your money with. You can also help others by leaving reviews as much as you can manage to. We have a reviews page that you can utilize. You will be helping those businesses as well as their prospective customers.
    • If you must pay with your card, ensure that you do not have much money on it in case anything happens. Also make it a habit of checking your balance and statements. You will know when an unauthorised payment has been made with your card.
      When you want to shop online, look at the bar where you have the websites’s url. To the left, you will see http or a locked padlock and https. Ensure that before you make any payments that the website has a locked padlock and https. I wouldn’t want to go into the technical details but it simply means that whatever you do will be secure.

      If your card get’s stolen or you notice some payments that you didn’t make, please report it to your bank immediately. You can even call up the fraud team and they will get the ball rolling on sorting out your issue.

    • Never ever never enter your bank details in a cyber café. Use your own computer or phone. Oh, it goes without saying that you should have an updated antivirus.
    • Do not allow any seller talk you into send them a cheque. They might decide to withdraw the money and not send the item. Remember that you either pay with your card details on the seller’s site or you pay on delivery.
  4. As soon the dress arrives, you want to ensure that it is exactly what you ordered: design, size and colour. Try it on if it doesn’t fit or doesn’t look as good as it was on the dummy (it almost never does :-)), you could send it to your tailor to salvage or send it back to the seller. Most sellers have some kind of return policy. You should probably check it out before making a purchase.
  5. I know, I know, I mentioned it before but it is really important. You should endeavour to write your reviews somewhere. Usually on the seller’s website or some third party’s. You will be helping so many others make the right decisions.

That’s a wrap. Did you get something from this?

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